“Linda is a magical unicorn of healing.”–Becky

“Thank you, Linda, for the postpartum massage you gave me.  I loved that you were willing to come to my house for this service!  Your patience while I got the baby settled, then your willingness to take a break part-way through so that I could see why the baby was being fussy for my mother, were so appreciated!  I could not imagine leaving my baby so soon, and I was desperate for a good massage.  When I learned you did house calls for postpartum moms, I was thrilled!  Your skills were exactly what I needed, and I plan to see you in your office for monthly sessions.” –L.H.

“Thank you for the phenomenal massage on Wednesday!  I slept so great and had the lowest pain sleeping in a year! Just grateful for your expertise in the human body.  Looking forward to the next one already! “–S.N.

You have no idea how much I appreciate all you did for me during my pregnancy!  Coming in a few times a month during the whole nine months made it much easier to deal with the changes in my body.  Your helpful tips on sleeping position, postural changes, and more were invaluable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  –GP

“As a retired Healthcare Executive, I have used the miracle of massage for many years as a mental health tool.  It is my way of relieving stress, tightness and giving in to total relaxation.   I schedule massage routinely, to keep my health in balance. Linda offers professional, gentle, caring relief.  Following my massage, I feel relaxed, calm and healthy.  It gives me a new attitude of balance and oneness with self. “–Maryann G.

“My pre-natal massages with Linda eased the aches and pains of pregnancy and helped my general awareness of my body as I went through the massive physical changes of carrying a baby.  Her kind, comfortable, gentle spirit and strong hands always create a serene relaxing space that refreshes the mind and the body.”–Susan W.

“I had been taking pain medication and seeing a physical therapist for three months for sciatic pain.  While I was seeing some improvement, I thought there was much more that could be done.  I started receiving massage twice a month from Linda.  Within 2 months, I noticed that I rarely had pain in my right hip and leg anymore!  She always knows exactly what is needed to provide the relief I seek.  I continue to get massages, as I know they help keep me healthy!”–Jane L.

“I have been going to Linda for massages for about two years now. Her gentle nature has a calming affect on me, as soon as I enter the studio this occurs. Then I get a wonderful massage, and when I leave my body is relaxed and I feel the stress of daily life has diminished.” –Coach Laura

As a physical therapist I understand the value of therapeutic massage in treating a variety of physical and emotional issues.  I also understand that it is the level of skill the massage therapist possesses which will determine the success of the treatment.  Linda’s skill set is excellent and I am very thankful for having found her. I began seeing Linda for her expertise in prenatal massage during the end of my 2nd trimester.  My reason for seeking Linda’s services was to address severe muscle cramping/ spasms in my torso.  The cramps would render me nearly nonfunctional for an extended period of time.  Relief would only come once I was able to lie down and completely relax. After receiving only 1 treatment session from Linda I noticed a significant improvement in these episodes.  I have continued to return for Linda’s skilled intervention on an every other week basis as part of a comprehensive program to address my musculoskeletal imbalances. ” W.D.

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