Belly Casting for Expectant Moms

Metamorphic Massage For Women is happy to now be offering Belly Casting for Expectant Mothers!

A Belly Cast is a perfect way to preserve the memory of pregnancy. You love the way you look, so why not have a lasting piece of artwork to remember the moment!

Besides being a massage therapist, Linda is also a bit of an artist!  A mask-maker for many years, she is now offering Belly Casting services to pregnant clients.  This is a wonderful way to commemorate the time spent with your child before birth, in a unique, artistic fashion. Your child will also love having this as a reminder of the love you  gave her before she was born.

There are different options:  Casts can be done on your belly only, belly and chest, belly with hands resting on it, and belly and chest with hands resting on the belly.  You can have Linda create the cast on your body, finish and prepare it, and then you decorate it yourself, or you can ask Linda create a piece of  artwork that the two of you loosely design together.

The ideal time to create a belly cast is around 36 weeks.  Women whose bellies grow quicker, or feel they may give birth early, can get a cast made sooner.

Pricing for this service varies:

For a cast that has been sanded, finished, and prepared, ready  for you to decorate, the cost is $150.00 for belly and chest only, add $25 per arm if you wish to include them.

Belly casts that are custom decorated by Linda, generally $200- $250 or more,  depending on the intricacy of the design.

Gift certificates are available for this service, and can be purchased here

A  Belly Cast which will be decorated by the expectant parents is safely delivered to their home.