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Metamorphic Massage For Women
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Experience a deeply relaxing  60- or 90-minute session of blissful LaStone Therapy, or Hot Stone Massage, where your therapist uses smooth, heated basalt stones throughout the entire session.  Sessions are designed to bring about relief from tight muscles, while working to balance energy systems throughout your body.

The session begins with the client lying face up and covered with a large bath sheet. The therapist places two rows of thin, heated stones along your spine, relaxing the muscles in your back.

A 90-minute session begins with a feRaleigh hot stone massagew moments of energy work, after which several stones are placed on your torso, continuing to support the positive flow of energy in your body.  The therapist then utilizes hand-held stones to relax and rejuvenate overworked muscles.  More energy work is performed as she removes the stones from your torso, before you turn over onto your stomach for the remainder of the session.  The therapist continues to perform long, relaxing massage strokes with stones in hand,  over your entire back, legs, and arms.  The session ends with another short energy ritual to aid in your transition back into the world.

60-minute sessions are similar to the 90-minute session, without most of the energy work.

It is important that you share any injuries or health challenges you may have with the therapist prior to your session so the temperature of the stones can be regulated accordingly.  Like all massage, for your comfort and safety, it is  important for you to communicate with your therapist.  Please let her know immediately if you feel like the stones are too warm, or if anything being done causes discomfort.

The heat of the stones sinks into your muscles, providing a sense of deep relaxation while relieving sore, overworked muscles from chronic tension and pain.   As one client described the session “It felt like a warm butter knife, smoothing away any tension in my body.  I feel like a new woman.”

Metamorphic Massage For Women
(919) 602-5742