About Us

Metamorphic Massage For Women

Metamorphic Massage For Women is a private, therapeutic practice, located only a few minutes south of Highway 540 on Six Forks Road in North Raleigh.

From the moment you walk in the door, we do our best to ensure that you get some quality time focused on your needs. In the privacy of the treatment room, we will discuss your needs and goals for the session, after which which you disrobe in privacy, lie down on the table underneath a warm blanket, take a deep breathe, and begin to relax.  The table has several layers of padding to ensure you are comfortable.  Moist, hot towels may be used on your back after the muscles are worked, to increase blood flow and relaxation.

Need to take a nap while your therapist massages your overworked muscles?  Feel free to drift off into another world, and you will be gently awoken when it is time for  you to turn over to complete the massage.

We schedule ample time between each client’s session, so you have plenty of time to come back into reality, and join your therapist in the reception area, where we may suggest ways to help lengthen the benefit of your massage, and to schedule your next appointment.

To learn more about the owner, Linda,  click here.

Metamorphic Massage For Women