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Lilia Reed, NC-LMBT #14818 comes to us with extensive experience.  Originally an MD Radiologist, she received her initial Lilia Reed, LMBT $34818massage therapy training in Moldova, where she lived and worked until moving to the United States in 2003.  She lived in Iowa for six years, where, unable to use her education obtained in another country,  she worked as a medical assistant, before moving to North  Carolina.  She eventually decided to return to massage school so she could  once again practice  as a massage therapist in the states. She attended Miller-Motte College in Cary, and graduated with a certificate in Massage Therapy in 2014.

Her extensive knowledge of the human body leads Lilia to excel in Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy.  She has worked in local spas since becoming licensed to practice in North Carolina. Lilia shares her passion for massage therapy with students at a local massage school, teaching several classes, including prenatal massage.  She truly believes in the benefits of massage as a tool for health and well-being. Her prenatal massage training occurred in Moldava, and as a mother, her first-hand knowledge brings a level of compassion that only another mother can hold.

Lilia specializes in Thai on the Table, and is excited to offer this service at Metamorphic Massage for Women. In her free time, Lilia enjoys hiking, swimming, and reading.


The newest addition to our team is Tatiana Khlebnikova, NC-LMBT #14144, joining us in January 2020.  Orignially a dental technician in Russia, Tatiana first studied massage therapy while living there. After moving to the U.S., she returned to school at Tatiana Khlebnikova, LMBT #14144the American-European Massage School in Raleigh, where she graduated in 2014.  She has been practicing massage therapy since then, most recently at a recently closed spa where she was labeled “The Most Requested Massage Therapist” by the spa manager.

Tatiana work combines several techniques with a goal to meet the needs of her clients.  She enjoys helping clients improve the effects that everyday activities have on their posture.  She has foun great success treating issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatic and piriformis syndrome, and tension headaches.
Tatiana’s specialties includ Medical Massage, Pre-Natal and Postpartum Massage, Sports Massage, and Japanese Zen Facial Massage.
Tatiana has completed Medical Massage training with  internationally known educator Ralph Stephens, and  is  certified practitioner of Claire Marie Miller’s “Nurturing the Mother” Prenatal and Postpartum Massage.
In her free time, Tatiana enjous meeting new people, visiting museums and historical sites, taking part in cultural events, reading, and spending time in nature.  She does her best to follow a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys yoga, working out at the gym, and discovering new recipes.


Shadow Zukowski is our Director of Mar-cat-ing.  She has been helping Shadow Zukowski, Director of Mar-cat-ing with the creative process of marketing the business since November 2008, and takes part semi-regularly with mar-cat-ing campaigns.  Not being a fan of car rides, Shadow works remotely. That is, when she feels like it.

Shadow spends her free time sleeping, chirping at birds outside, cleaning herself, and stalking invisible (to humans) objects.