Weather Policy

Storms happen.  Obviously, if there is ice on the roads, or we are in the midst of a very scary tornado-filled storm system, stay safe.  If you are not comfortable driving because of the current weather conditions, please call to reschedule.  We care about your safety, and quite frankly, ours as well!

We know that schools can be closed, leaving you without childcare, and you’ve got to stay home and be mom or grandma.  We get it.  Just give us a call when you learn of your kid’s school cancellation, and we will be happy to reschedule.  (You can also bring older children with you, and they can relax in the lobby with a book, schoolwork, or a quiet game, if you know they won’t disturb the sessions of other therapists.)

That being said, we also recognize that sometimes there is big hype about the storm, we get excited, buy all the bread and milk in the world, hunker down, and get nothing more than a few random flakes and a little bit of rain.  This leaves us either happy we don’t have to deal with the mess, or we end up feeling like a disappointed child who bit into what she thought was a chocolate muffin only to learn it was bran.

There is nothing worse than cancelling something you were looking forward to, only to learn you didn’t have to. Because of the uncertainty with the weather, we are perfectly okay waiting to hear from you…as long as we know two hours before your appointment, just give us a call if you don’t feel safe driving due to road conditions.