Conversation About The Authentic Self

During these stressful times, it is often beneficial to look deeper within ourselves to find true healing, which makes it easier to handle the stresses and strains of day-to-day living.  As I understand it, healing the deep wounds allows us to clearly see what is occurring in our lives, and helps us discover the best path to follow.  When we truly work on our selves, we respond authentically, which contributes to our personal growth and the healing of the planet.

Amy Pierce, a friend and colleague of mine leads a  five-part series of conversations, or interactive workshops,  which she calls Conversations About Authentic Self.  The five conversations are:  ~Authentic Self:  The Story Big Enough to Live In    ~New Wine or Old Wine Skins:  Symptom, Illness, and the Emotional Body     ~The Other Trinity:  Inner Child/Re-parenting work   ~As A Man Thinketh in His Heart:  The Deeper Meaning of the Law of Attraction   ~Is it About What We Expect of Life or What Life Expects of Us?

The next series is taking place on March 14 and 28, April 11 and 25, and May 7.  The fee for each conversation is on a sliding scale  of $10-$20. If you speak with the facilitator, Amy, an additional savings is available if you wish to pay in advance for the entire series.  Ideally, you would attend all five meetings ofthe workshop, but if you can only attend a portion of them, you will still benefit from the knowledge that Amy will share.

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