Self-care…Important Now, More Than Ever

The holidays can be super stressful. When you throw in a pandemic, and everything else that has happened this year, it’s even more important to take steps to take of yourself.

Normally, getting massage on a weekly basis is part of my self-care.  But what does self-care look like for me right now, especially when I can’t get regular massage?

As always, it includes eating good, healthy food…lots of fresh veggies, whole grains, and drinking lots of water and herbal tea. Here’s a recent meal I made…kale sauted with carmelized onions, brown rice, and tofu marinated in Spicy Jerk Paste made by Raleigh’s Kitchens of Africa, one of the few companies that offered prepared sauces that I can feel good about buying.

Vegetariam Meal With Kale, Tofu, and Brown Rice

And chocolate!  Did you see the recent study that came out of NC State?  Yet another reason to reach for some dark chocolate when you want a snack.  I highly suggest you support some local businesses while doing so. I am a HUGE fan of Videri Chocolate Factory and Escazu Chocolates, both located in Raleigh.

I also do what I can to get plenty of sleep.  It became somewhat elusive the past few months for me, and I was getting frustrated. A friend just gifted me a custom-made blanket from Carolina Weighted Blankets, and I am in love!  Have you ever tried a weighted blanket?  They are awesome!  When your nerves are frayed, and you can’t seem to calm your mind to fall asleep, they are, in my opinion, quite possibly the best drug-free way to get there (next to massage, of course). The owner (Kelly) asked what type of fabric I liked, sent me several to choose from, and found the perfect matching fabric to back the one I chose.  She made it extra-long for my tall body, and added a little more weight than your typical blanket at my request.  Kelly delivered it to my door, and that night was the first time in a few months that I got a solid night’s sleep!  If you’re looking for something special, I highly suggest you reach out to her.

Of course, moving my body is part of self-care as well.  I like checking out the trails in the area…Raleigh has a great Greenway, too. Fresh air and natural Vitamin D are good for both body and soul, and it gives me an opportunity to spend some (masked) time with a friend.  I also love to dance, and while I may not be able to get out to dance to my favorite bands live, I’ve been doing what I can to support those artists via their online livestreamed shows.

Speaking of art…This time of year, I would normally be going to a lot craft shows.  My favorite, the Boylan Street Art Walk, would normally be happening this coming weekend.  Like everything else, the physical event has been canceled and it has been moved online. Check it out, and support local artists when shopping for gifts this year.  You’ll even see work by some of the women who have displayed work in my lobby!

Photo By Artist Willa Stein

Artwork by Willa Stein


What do you like to do for self-care?


November 16 Update: Pandemic Closure

The best laid plans of cats and women…..

At the end of September, the percent positive rate for North Carolina finally made it to a 7-day average of 5%.  We hovered there for several days, and I got excited. I finalized all the Pandemic Protocols, had the carpets professionally cleaned, and began scheduling clients in hopes to reopen at the first of October.

And then, the numbers increased. Of course, because I am concerned about the possibility of unkowingly being a vector, I chose to not re-open. Massage therapy is considered a moderately high risk profession when it comes to contracting the virus…we are in an enclosed room for long periods of time in direct contact with many people. Even following strict protocol,with treatment rooms that has windows that won’t open, the risk feels too great.  Did you know that a recent study showed that the Coronavirus can live on skin for nine hours?!?!??

When people start doing what is necessary…wearing masks EVERY TIME they are around others who do not live in their home, not gathering with others in large groups, practicing social distancing, and being conscientious of others, the spread of the virus will lessen. With the relase of vaccines, hopefully, we will be able to get back to a more normal way of life.

June 25 Update: The State of Metamorphic Massage for Women and Reopening in the Age of COVID-19

It has been three very long, stressful months.  I don’t know about you, but I have spent the majority of the time at home.  I’ve been obsessively reading the news, learning all I can about COVID-19, disinfection, sanitation, and how to perform massage and reduce the risk of becoming infected and spreading the virus to others.
I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for items I need to reopen the doors of my business.  I’ve also run around town chasing leads on things that will work in the office (no harsh chemicals or strong artificial scents can be used on a regular basis due to respiratory issues).

What’s on that list?
Different  covers for the massage tables, face cradles, and pillows for disinfection protocol.
-Step-open trash cans in the treatment rooms.
-Medical grade HEPA air purifiers for every room.
-Covered toilet paper and paper towel dispensers.
-Automatic soap dispensers.
-Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers.
-Bins for clients to store their shoes,  and other personal items.
(shoes will be taken off upon arrival, and clean footie socks will be given to each client for use while in the office, which will be washed and disinfected between clients.)
-EPA approved cleaning supplies to disinfect every touchable surface (no harsh chemical or artificial scents)
-Hand sanitizer in large quantities
-Face shields, goggles, nitrile and KN95s for therapists.
-Nitrile gloves for therapists to use as needed.
-Disposable procedure masks for clients who forget their mask.
-Aprons to be switched out after every client.
-Forehead thermometer and oximeter.
-New dirty laundry storage.
-and more.

Because the types of supplies I need to run the business in the safest manner possible are in high demand, a lot of items I ordered in early April are just arriving now.  I resorted to playing the game of purchasing from a few different sources, with the intent of cancelling the ones that don’t.  Of course, a few repeat items shipped the same day, but fortunately, these are supplies that will get used up.

This entire time I have been monitoring the reports coming out from the state and federal governments in regard to statistics. Sadly, they have never gone in the direction I was hoping to see by now. With the news yesterday of the second highest number of new daily cases, I am not comfortable reopening at this time.


There are too many unknowns with this virus. A recent study suggests that the virus stays is airborne for up to 16 hours, and aerosol transmission is more important than previously thought. Even with the HEPA air filters I purchased, because the air in the treatment rooms becomes very stifling during a massage, there is a chance that if someone comes in who is asymptomatic, the virus would linger in the air…while very helpful, masks are not 100% effective in controlling it.

The current percentage of positive tests in North Carolina has been hovering about 9% since the end of May.  Leading health organizations suggest a 5% or less positive rate for 2 weeks before governments reopen their jurisdictions.  We are far from there at this point.

Then there are the health concerns:
-Approximately 60% of Americans have an underlying health issue that puts them at a higher risk of contracting the virus.
-Pregnant women are normally more susceptible to problems that affect the lungs. They are more at risk for developing severe symptoms if they contract the virus, are more likely to require hospitalization, and there may be an increased risk of negative pregnancy outcomes.
-Articles discussing the risk levels of different professions puts massage therapists at a 50-60% chance of contracting the virus. People with Type A blood are at higher risk of developing severe respiratory issues if the contract the virus.  I have Type A blood and a 50-year history of respiratory issues. Given my luck with health issues in the past year, these two facts combined make a bit nervous.

I hate this. I so want to reopen, but at the same time, I am not going to push it and risk the health and safety of my clients, staff, and myself.  And so, Metamorphic Massage for Women remains closed for now. I miss you all dearly…many of you have been seeing me so long, you are like friends and family to me.

Want to see us reopen soon?  Wear a mask, practice physical distancing, follow the guidelines set by leading health organizations, avoid groups of people who refuse to follow the guidelines, and encourage everyone you know to do the same,.  Remember:  We are doing this not only for ourselves, but the community at large.

Governor Cooper Allows Massage Therapy Businesses to Re-Open May 22

Governor Cooper announced that beginning at 5 pm on May 22, some businesses, including massage therapy, can re-open under Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Pandemic .

At this time, Metamorphic Massage for Women is continuing to stay closed.  There are several reasons for this, and the decision is not made lightly.  While I began ordering anticipated supplies and equipment in early April that would help us all feel safer, there are many items that have still not arrived.  Until everything is in place that will ensure I am doing everything possible to keep clients and team members safe, we will not re-open.

In Section 5 of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 141, it refers to Section 8, which keeps certain businesses closed, including those that “involve customers remaining in a confined indoor space over a sustained  period”.  To me, nothing is more confining that being in a small, enclosed massage room, working with direct contact for 60 to 90 minutes.  While it is only two people in the room, seeing multiple people puts the therapist, and therefore the clients, at risk of contracting the virus from someone who does not know they are infected, even if the therapist is using all the PPE there is, and cleaning between clients.

The CDC reports that 35% of COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic, and 40% of transmission happens before people feel sick.  Combined with the fact that it  can take six days between exposure and the first sign of illness, these figures provide cause for a pause..

This virus is too contagious for me to feel comfortable doing what feels risky right now, which means re-opening the doors of Metamorphic Massage for Women, when everything is not fully in place to help reduce the risk of contracting the virus.  (Pretty interesting, considering I have been known to take quite a few risks with my life).  With so many of my beloved long-term clients having underlying health issues, putting them at greater risk of contracting the disease, combined with the amount of pregnant women who come through the door seeking relief, I would not be able to live with myself if someone were to get sick.

I know there are many disappointed women right now, and I am sure there are many who feel a bit let down.  Please know that every decision I make holds the best interests of my clients and team members as a central factor in my choice.  I know that some businesses are re-opening, and for many of them the decision is purely financial.  I chose to take my financial situation our of the decision making process, as it would have clouded my vision. Metamorphic Massage for Women has always been about the clients, and it always will be.

I do hope that if you choose to go somewhere else, they truly have your best interests at heart.



When Massage Businesses in North Carolina can Re-open post COVID-19 Shutdown

You’re probably wondering what’s going on in the world of massage, specifically in the smaller world of Metamorphic Massage for Women.  We really miss being able to help our clients!  It’s especially challenging right now, in that this historically is “baby season” in the office.  Usually, from May through September, our schedules can be around 60% prenatal massage.  That’s a lot of mammas coming through the door!

It pains me to not be able to help them and the many other women who use massage to manage their discomforts.  I was just talking with a client the other day who is recovering from a surgery.  I’ve assisted her through several post-surgery rehabs, and she said this one is going much slower than the others, without her adjunct therapies of massage and acupressure.  And this is just one person.

But as you probably know, Governor Cooper announced that beginning May 8, the guidelines will be relaxed as far as what we are able to expect as far as what types of businesses and activities will be open. Massage therapy establishments will possibly be part of Phase 2, which means the earliest we will be able to see clients will be the end of May.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last week learning about increasing sanitation and safety guidelines.  I’ve sat in on a few discussions with therapists throughout the country, trying to figure out the best course for moving forward.  I am learning more about OSHA, the CDC, and the EPA than I ever thought was necessary for someone in my line of work.   I’ve read the guidelines put out by John Hopkins University, for governors for who are looking to begin re-opening their states. The information available is endless.  Good thing I have a lot of time on my hands!

I’ve gone down many rabbit holes, all while figuring out exactly what types of supplies, equipment, and protocol I will need to have in place when we re-open, to keep clients and staff safe.  As of this writing, I have not yet been able to fully garner the supplies I anticipate needing to work safely.  I’ve been busy reading all I can about the safety protocols other states are requiring, and am using those as a guideline, since North Carolina has not published anything yet.  I am taking extra precautions, as well, given there are so many pregnant women and folks with underlying issues coming through our space. Many items have been ordered, including HEPA air purifiers that filter down to 0.1 microns (which, by the way, are not easy to find for smaller spaces).

There will be major changes, most of which I hope we will be able to relax as time moves on.  It’s challenging, frustrating, and at times overwhelming, but I am going to do everything in my power to re-open in the safest manner possible.

You may have heard that there are some massage businesses that are open, after applying to become deemed essential businesses, thinking a letter from the Department of Revenue gives them permission to give clients massage. It doesn’t…the letter clearly states that if you cannot operate in accordance with the social distancing requirements, you must stay closed.  Because of this. Even with the letter, they’re still operating illegally. As licensed therapists, we are ethically supposed to follow the mandates by the governor.  I also shudder with the knowledge that these businesses are operating without full safety and sanitation measures in place.

I will not re-open until I have every necessary precautionary measure in place, and the governor and medical professionals agree it is safe to do so.  And when that day comes, I will be celebrating…because I miss our clients!

Stress Management Tip: Control What You Can

Life sure is different these days, huh?

There are very few people whose lives have not changed drastically in the past month.  New ways of being created upheaval for just about everyone.  While we settle into new routines, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself, and take actions to reduce the stress in areas of your life that you CAN control.

What can you do to create a little less stress?

*Cut back on news consumption. While we want to stay informed, it can be done without being obsessed.  See how your body feels after going a day or two without the news.

*Put on your favorite music.  Dance as needed.  It’s amazing how much better your body can feel after you spend some time dancing to your favorite song(s), and you can multi-task while doing it! I regularly dance while working in my kitchen.

*Are you a parent?  Learning is not all about books and computers!  Baking with them can teach math and science.  Planting a garden teaches science. These are activities you can do together that will provide the quality time they crave, and household tasks completed.  (Can we argue that vacuuming is physical education?) child baking with adult

*For parents working at home, keep the morning routine you had when the children were going to school. Get dressed, eat breakfast, and complete your other routine activities before you retreat to your respective work and school stations. Eat lunch together to reduce anxiety and increase communication. Allow your kids to have afternoon down time. Yes, school is important however, little learning is accomplished when one is not calm.

*Keep a good sleep routine. Go to bed at a reasonable hour every night, it does wonders for your psyche.

*Drink more water, eat your veggies.  Food is fuel, and veggies (and fruit) are chock full of nutrients that help our bodies function properly.  Fresh is best, followed by frozen.  I like to get a variety of both when I go shopping, it makes for fewer trips to the store.  I even have some dehydrated veggies that I rely on when I need something and have run out.

*Take advantage of a hot shower.  While I don’t normally advocate being wasteful with natural resources, sometimes a nice hot shower with the water aimed at your shoulders and upper back is just the thing needed when you can’t get a massage! For other ways to relieve muscle tension, that do not involve seeing your favorite massage therapist, check out some of the products Linda loves and recommends!

*Lower your expectations.  The world will not fall apart if you don’t get everything done.  Set reasonable goals, and if you don’t reach them, don’t kick yourself.  Reward yourself for what you CAN accomplish.

And you know what? It’s okay to spend a day laying around watching movies now and again.  Sometimes, that’s exactly what is necessary. Just remember…when you tune in to tune out, choose wisely…avoid watching movies with violence and other stress-inducing topics.

Most of all, I encourage you to gentle with yourself.  Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, practice self-compassion, and remember that everyone else is struggling in some form or fashion.  Be okay with what you CAN do, and don’t beat yourself up over perceived failures to meet others’ expectations.

Massage in the Time of Corona


UPDATE April 29:

Governor Cooper recently announce the plan for re-opening North Carolina, Possibly beginning as early as May 8th. From what we understand, Masasge therapy practices may be included in Phase 2,  which currently means the end of May.

I have been busy learning everything possible (or refreshing my memory) about infection control, sanitation, and safety.  Many additional supplies have been ordered. I have been following what other states are requiring therapists to do, and reading all the information published by our national organizations on safety and precautions.  I have been participating oin discussions with other therapists, and participating in online classes about safety and sanitation. If all goes well,  and the items I ordered to keep clients and staff safe have all arrived, we will be fully prepared when the governor lifts the mandate.  Do know, I will not re-open our doors until all these things have occurred, as the safety and well-being of clients and staff is, and always will be, my number one priority.  Hopefully we will see you sooner than later!

UPDATE  March 23:

Given the increase of COVID-19 cases of in the state, massage therapy practices were mandated by the governor to close temporarily through at least the end of April.  We will re-open when the governor lifts this mandate AND it is is deemed safe for us to do so.  We will base our decision on what is in the best interests of the community at large, not due to the pressure of those who seek to improve the economy through foolish measures.


March 15:

While we are not a venue where large amounts of people gather at one time, or a large spa that sees many people coming through our door on a daily basis, I feel the need to participate in the community’s efforts to slow the spread of the virus.

Because there are asymptomatic people walking around who may be contagious, we just don’t know who is a carrier. As massage therapists, we spend 60 to 90 minutes in an enclosed room involved in personal contact, and given their requests for us all to be social distancing, I feel massage has the possiblity to put too many people at risk. Even though we have been diligently cleaning between clients, we cannot guarantee that we would not unknowingly spread the virus. I cannot take the chance that someone related to my business gets sick. I would not be able to live with myself.

Because our clientele consists mainly of pregnant women (who are more at risk for cold and flu) and women over 50 with underlying health issues, I am forced to make this tough decision. I care about the health and well-being of our clients, my team members, and the community at large.

At the end of March, I will reevaluate when we will begin seeing clients again. Hopefully, we will only have to close for a few weeks. An interruption in service is not good for any of us, as I know many of you rely on us to help you stay healthy. In the interim, I encourage you to do your best to practice self-care during this time.

If you are not already, please follow Metamorphic Massage for Women on Facebook! I will be posting daily self-care tips, activities to do with children, and more.

In the meantime…if you are someone who appreciates the work that we do, or are a regular client, consider purchasing one or two gift certificates that you can use for yourself in the future, or give to others to use when things calm down. There are also packages of six sessions, Which ultimately gives you 10% off each session. If you are someone who can financially afford to purchase some sessions in advance, I would greatly appreciate the support. You’d help keep the business afloat if we have to stay closed for longer than two weeks, and it would guarantee you a spot on our tables when we are seeing clients again!

Please take care of yourself. May you and your loved ones stay safe, and I hope to see you when this virus is managed!


March 12, 2020 3:00 p.m.

As the number of coronavirus cases grow in our area,  there is a growing concern as far as the spread of the virus, which is completely understandable. I for one am very happy that people are washing hands more often.  Hand-washing is something I have always been a bit obsessive about, and observe people in public regularly, which has kept me from touching much in public for many years now.

Extra precautions at Metamorphic Massage for Women

At Metamorphic Massage for Women, your health and well-being is our priority. We are  monitoring information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and local officials regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The safety of our clients and staff is our top priority, and we will update this page accordingly.

Please consider our clientele, which consists mainly of either women over 50 and pregnant women, and our therapists, one of whom cares for elderly parents. If you have been in contact with someone who has contracted the virus, have traveled in the last month,  or are showing ANY signs of fever, congestion (even if you think it is allergies), cough, fatigue, or any other signs of illness, please call as soon as possible to cancel.

If you arrive in our office and we see signs of illness, we hold the right to turn you away or end your session, and you WILL be  charged the full fee. We ask all clients to notify us in if they feel they are at risk for COVID-19, and to take preventative measures for the safety of themselves and others.  If you call ahead and cancel, the fee will be waived.

If you have come to see us in the past month and discover you have been exposed to COVID-19, please call us IMMEDIATELY!!!  We will need to close our doors to ensure the safety of our team an clientele.

That being said:

Our massage therapy practice has always had protocols in place to maintain high standards of hygiene, which have increased while COVID-19 is a factor in our community. Our normal sanitation includes:
*Frequent cleaning of surfaces including doorways, desktops, and bathrooms
*Always washing hands before and after working with clients.
*Clean, sanitized sheets for each client.
*Practices that maintain hygienic use of massage lotion.
*Hand wipes available for clients in treatment rooms.

We have made a few other changes to increase the safety of our clients.
*Previously, because work is not performed on clients through the blanket, they would get washed several times a week, a common practice in massage. Because this virus can live for several days on surfaces, we are now using a clean blanket for each client.
*All surfaces that are touched by therapists or clients, including outer doorknobs,  are getting cleaned between each client.
*We are offering water in paper cups instead of glasses (this is hurting the environmentalist in me, but right now, it is more important to keep everyone  healthy, and we cannot guarantee sterility of glasses without a dishwasher.)
*To make sanitation of our iPad easier, we ask that you please use the stylus we provide when you make a credit card payment, as it are much easier to clean than an iPad screen.

We are also have new table barriers between the sheets and table padding that get sanitized between every client. They might be a little crinklier than you’re used to, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate that extra step.

We ask that all clients wash their hands immediately when  they walk in the door.  We also have hand sanitizer available at the front desk and in treatment rooms.

If you are unsure of your health, we urge you to cancel. Our therapists will continue to work only if they are healthy. Please, do not take advantage of this for other reasons…last minute notice of a cancellation is hard for massage therapists. Please let us know as soon as you start feeling unwell. We also encourage you to send a healthy friend that can take your place.

How can you support us during this time?   If you healthy, and haven’t been exposed to the virus, and are an avid hand washer, we encourage you to keep you massage appointments!  It will not only help us stay open, it can also help you!   Did you know massage supports a healthy immune response?

My hope is that you and your loved ones stay healthy!

Linda Zukowski, NC-LMBT #5951
Owner, Metamorphic Massage for Women

Feminine Hygiene Product Drive Benefiting SOAR Outreach

Feminine Product Drive


Metamorphic Massage for Women and The North Raleigh Well Nest are supporting one of the more generous hearts in the Triangle area,  The Resourceful Heart, in a very special project.  As she faces a major surgery, she is choosing to support others during this time.

During the month of August, we are collecting feminine products that will be distributed to middle school and high school girls via SOAR Outreach, a local non-profit serving youth from low-income homes  and those who are experiencing homelessness.

Speaking from experience, there is nothing more embarrassing at that age than bleeding through your clothing during class.  Let’s help these girls out, and donate!

Anyone who brings packaged products to their session will receive $5 off their massage as a thank you.

You can also drop off any donations at the office.  If the door to our suite is locked, you can safely leave them on the floor directly outside, and someone will bring it in  when we get out of session.

VIC (Very Important Client) Spotlight

Sherrie has been a client of MMFW since 2013, when she had taken on a second job teaching ESL for Wake Tech, two nights on week.  On top of her full-time teaching position at Sanderson High, she realized that all that standing and helping others was going to take a toll on her body. Sherrie decided that with the added responsibility, it was crucial to her well-being to improve on her self-care, and her search for massage close to her brought her to Linda’s table.  She’s been a regular ever since, with a standing appointment every other week.

After completing her undergraduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill, Sherrie worked at a small rural school before movingVery Important Client Sherrie to Raleigh in 2006, when she accepted a teaching position at Sanderson High, and she’s been there ever since.

Her first three years of teaching had completely different challenges than the ones she faces today at Sanderson. Many of the children in the rural community had to work with their families to help provide.  At the time, the area was also facing demographic changes with an influx of Hispanic residents, and community members were navigating the area’s new identity, which posed it’s own challenges.  She felt she had more of a relationship with kids and parents in a small school.

In a city school, it is more challenging, with more students.  While relationships still exist, with the inclusion of more technology in everyday life, the students more distracted.  Combined with less school funding, it is a lot harder to teach.  There have been no new materials since 2004, making the new curriculum hard to use, with no new resources to support it.  To navigate this huge challenge, like many other educators, she utilizes an online resource “Teachers Pay Teachers”, which she considers “her lifeline”.  Spends well over $250 a year on lesson plans alone. Sherrie says the site is “a huge lifesaver when you don’t have time to develop materials because you’re in the classroom full-time.”   She also spends quite a lot on  basic classroom supplies like kleenex, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, and markers for whiteboard.  Fortunately, some parents donate supplies, which helps some.

When asked if she had any advice for folks considering becoming a teacher, Sherrie said “you have to accept the harsh truth…you really need to shadow an educator for a while, and pay attention to what is going on in the state you want to teach in.  Stay informed as to what’s happening in schools, and pick the best situation for you.  If your heart guides you in this direction, do your research.”

When she first moved to Raleigh, Sherrie found it challenging to meet people.  She decided to fill her free time wisely, and pursued her Master’s in Education at an international school for Spanish teachers from American and Canada. She spent a few summers at the university in Spain, and also worked online during year with other students to complete the coursework.  Even with the travel, she found it more affordable to get her degree in another country versus here in the U.S.

Her love for travel brought her to do this program…as Sherrie says, “It’s a perk of being a teacher with no children…with the time of in the summer, it’s a lot easier to travel if you budget your money.” She has traveled to Peru, Japan, and Mexico.  Her love of travel began as a child,  She grew up in the Jacksonville area, but travelled a lot as a child.

Her other passion is dancing.  After trying to meet people in Raleigh with little success via meetup, she started going to Carmen’s for salsa dancing, and finally started developing friendships through there. She tends to let of the most steam with dancing, be it salsa, samba, belly-dancing, African, and even some ballroom.

The rest of her free time is spent decompressing…Besides the occasional Netflix binge,  she enjoys reading…her favorites are historical fiction, self-help/female empowerment, and  autobiographies about social justice warriors.  Her most recent read was Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, based on true story of an AA nurse working in a hospital and her experience with a white supremacist family.

When asked about the best thing she’s ever done for herself, Sherrie shared that early on, she realized she needed to see what was outside her own environment.  Once she confronted her fear surrounding that, everything else fell in place. Because of this, it’s not an issue for her to go on adventures…she doesn’t get paralyzed by fear. As she says “Life happens, you have to confront whatever is in your path, face the fear and push through the doubts and fatigue.  It’s the only way to accomplish anything challenging.”

Because of her travels, she has experienced a few scary moments.  The most memorable being stuck in a traffic jam in a rough neighborhood in Peru, a group of young adults were running along looking for car doors to open.  Her taxi driver pulled out a gun for protection as she witnessed a vehicle in front of her get robbed.

Her most amazing travel experience occurred in Peru.  While in middle of the Andes mountains, hiking the Incan trail on the way to the Machu Picchu.  While it was a really tough hike…her quads hurt just thinking about it. Looking at the snow-capped mountains was awe inspiring…it helped her figure out her place in the world.  It took a lot of inner strength to make that hike.

Locally, her favorite place in North Carolina is the beach. Topsail and Emerald Isle are her favorites, nut she’s not too picky…she just wants to see the ocean and feel it relax her.  In the Triangle area, she is again a fan of bodies of water:  she likes walking around Shelley Lake and Lake Lynn.

The biggest thing Sherrie want to do is get to the continent of Africa, where she’d like to visit some of the countries her DNA comes from…Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Ghana, and Togo are on her list. She’d like to study dance there a little bit, and experience small village life.

Dyeing for a Cause

Notice anything different? Linda Zukowski, owner, with purple hair

I (Linda) turned 55 in January and wanted to do something a little different to mark the occasion.  I decided to add some color to my hair, but would do it with a twist. I chose to do a fundraiser for Love Wins Community Engagement Center, a local organization providing support to people experiencing homelessness.  With 28 inches of hair, I feared having an entire head of purple hair, and set a lofty goal of $5522.77.  With 28 inches of hair, that worked out to about $200 an inch.

I managed to raise $724 for Love Wins Community Engagement Center! And so, I colored about 3-1/2 inches of my hair purple.  We decided to go vertical instead of horizontal, as that way the color would be there longer, to remind folks of the plight of those experiencing homelessness….otherwise, it would be gone in my next  (albeit rare) haircut.

I’m not done.

It came to my attention last week that there is a woman with three children who is desperate for housing. The folks at Love Wins Community Engagement Center are trying to secure safe housing for her family. While they are trying to work with social services, the agencies are overflowing, and it is difficult to get an overworked social worker to even speak with on the phone right now. Until they can get housing, LWCEC is trying to pay for some time at a hotel, at the cost of $370.00 a week. (read the full story)

And so, I am at it again. If folks donate and help this woman out, I will dye two inches of hair for every week covered, or 2 inches per $370 raised. I will keep this up until the end of February. BONUS: If I raise $370 in the first week, which will cover an immediate week for the family, I will dye four inches for the first $370, but only if it is collected by 2/11. This time it will be blue.
You can donate by sending money directly to Love Wins Community Engagement Center via their website or by mail, but you must show me that you have done so for it to count towards the hair dyeing. You can donate via the link in the facebook fundraising event, and the money will go directly to Love Wins. You can also drop off checks written out directly to LWCEC at the office of Metamorphic Massage for Women, and I will bring it to them at the end of the month.

How blue will I be?  It’s up to you…