Linda’s Favorite Products…aka WWLB?

On this page, you will find products that I love and use.  Since clients often ask me what I would buy (WWLB) when we are discussing an issue they may have, the following is a compilation of these products.

And so, here we have….What Would Linda Buy?


As a massage therapist, I am on my feet all day.  There’s a few things I love that help me alleviate the discomfort associated with being upright for long periods of time.

First off, these socks are fabulous.  It’s a little bit like walking around after a professional pedicure with those foam rubber things they use, only much more comfortable.  These socks have soft, comfortable toe separators.  If they’re uncomfortable at first, you can work your way up to wearing them for longer periods of time.  I usually wear them an hour or so every day, and when I take them off my feet feel so good they want to dance.


There are a lot of foot rollers out there, and I have tried many.   This one, by far, is my favorite.  I’ve had one like this for many years.  It’s great…you can stash it under your desk at work if you choose, and roll your feet throughout the day without anyone knowing the difference.  That is, of course, unless you are using it in a meeting, and are so blissed out from how good your feet feel as you’re rolling them that you’re not paying any attention to what others are saying.


One of my biggest complaints with most electric heating pads is they usually don’t stay put if I want heat on my back.  You shift your body a little bit, and all of a sudden, instead of covering both shoulders, you’ve got the heating pad on your left hip.  (It’s a pain in the butt that can’t be taken care of with a heating pad.)

Several years ago, one of my clients told me about this heating pad.  A portion of it wraps around your shoulders to the front, and has magnetic closures to hold it place.  I bought one and love it.  I can now lounge around after a long day, binge watch a few episodes of my current favorite show, with heat on may back, happily shifting away.   It has a massage component to it as well, which personally I could care less about, as I prefer something more direct than a general vibration…but you might like it. Bonus points:  It’s fuzzy and comes in fun colors, too!


Sometimes, I just can’t wait for my next massage.  While I’d love to get one every day, reality is that would get super expensive,  so they only happen once a week for me.  There are days when I hurt, and wish I could easily dig into those sore spots on my back.  While I may be good at giving others massage, working on myself is very unsatisfying.  This lovely piece of self-care equipment is absolutely fabulous….While it’s designed for neck and back, which is where I use it the most, I find myself sometimes also using it on my legs and arms if I’ve got a sore spot there, as well.


What about those aggravating spots that you just want someone to direct their elbow or thumb into, and you either have no one around to do it, or those who are will only give you 30 seconds before they claim exhaustion?  If you have one these around, you can use your own leverage and direct pressure exactly where you want it.


Speaking or getting to those hard to reach spots:  I recently had shoulder surgery, and ached in areas I could not reach with my “good” hand to apply my favorite pain-relieving cream. I searched around and found this applicator, and was quite pleased with it!


There were a few other things I couldn’t do with only one hand, namely open jars and cans.  Living alone, I didn’t want to annoy my neighbors every time I wanted to open something, and bought a few items that were recommended to me by a client.

First off, the amazing one-touch can opener!  There is no holding of cans involved, simply put it on top of the can, press the button, and it does the work.


There’s also. this fantastic jar opener.  From what I’ve experienced, while you may have to hold the button, you don’t have to be a body-builder to open a tough jar, and it works on most jar sizes.


Another one-handed frustration I had was trying to keep my unaffected hand clean, especially after using the toilet.  I went through half a box of dispoable gloves in a week, and realized quickily that was not sustainable, nor was it good for the environment.  I found these, and bought a few to put one in each of my bathroom sinks.  I was ecstatic…I could scrub my unaffected hand clean!



I’d also like to share with you a product that has changed the quality of my sleep as a post-menopausal woman, especially during the summer!  I live in a townhome, and my bedoom is on the second floor.  My bedroom is pretty hot at night in the summer, unless I turn the AC to the mid-sixties.  That does a number on my cooling bill, and I am frugal.  I splurged and bought a BedJet, after hearing one of my clients rave about it.  It is amazing!  It is easy to install, works with a remote, and you can even program it to you biorythm is you want to get that deep into it! It works pretty much instantly.  You can also use it to warm your bed up in the winter.  It’s relatively quiet, so it doesn’t keep you awake at night.

bedjet for tenperature control



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