Self-care…Important Now, More Than Ever

The holidays can be super stressful. When you throw in a pandemic, and everything else that has happened this year, it’s even more important to take steps to take of yourself.

Normally, getting massage on a weekly basis is part of my self-care.  But what does self-care look like for me right now, especially when I can’t get regular massage?

As always, it includes eating good, healthy food…lots of fresh veggies, whole grains, and drinking lots of water and herbal tea. Here’s a recent meal I made…kale sauted with carmelized onions, brown rice, and tofu marinated in Spicy Jerk Paste made by Raleigh’s Kitchens of Africa, one of the few companies that offered prepared sauces that I can feel good about buying.

Vegetariam Meal With Kale, Tofu, and Brown Rice

And chocolate!  Did you see the recent study that came out of NC State?  Yet another reason to reach for some dark chocolate when you want a snack.  I highly suggest you support some local businesses while doing so. I am a HUGE fan of Videri Chocolate Factory and Escazu Chocolates, both located in Raleigh.

I also do what I can to get plenty of sleep.  It became somewhat elusive the past few months for me, and I was getting frustrated. A friend just gifted me a custom-made blanket from Carolina Weighted Blankets, and I am in love!  Have you ever tried a weighted blanket?  They are awesome!  When your nerves are frayed, and you can’t seem to calm your mind to fall asleep, they are, in my opinion, quite possibly the best drug-free way to get there (next to massage, of course). The owner (Kelly) asked what type of fabric I liked, sent me several to choose from, and found the perfect matching fabric to back the one I chose.  She made it extra-long for my tall body, and added a little more weight than your typical blanket at my request.  Kelly delivered it to my door, and that night was the first time in a few months that I got a solid night’s sleep!  If you’re looking for something special, I highly suggest you reach out to her.

Of course, moving my body is part of self-care as well.  I like checking out the trails in the area…Raleigh has a great Greenway, too. Fresh air and natural Vitamin D are good for both body and soul, and it gives me an opportunity to spend some (masked) time with a friend.  I also love to dance, and while I may not be able to get out to dance to my favorite bands live, I’ve been doing what I can to support those artists via their online livestreamed shows.

Speaking of art…This time of year, I would normally be going to a lot craft shows.  My favorite, the Boylan Street Art Walk, would normally be happening this coming weekend.  Like everything else, the physical event has been canceled and it has been moved online. Check it out, and support local artists when shopping for gifts this year.  You’ll even see work by some of the women who have displayed work in my lobby!

Photo By Artist Willa Stein

Artwork by Willa Stein


What do you like to do for self-care?