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Metamorphic Massage For Women
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All Work Performed by NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists
Linda Zukowski, NC LMBT #5951, BCTMB #442033-00, Owner

A member of The North Raleigh Well Nest


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Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Metamorphic Massage For Women provides therapeutic massage to women just like you, who are experiencing muscle aches and pains due to surgery, stress, postural imbalances, pregnancy, injuries, overuse, and life in general.

Recognizing the value of massage as a preventative healthcare tool, many women choose to receive therapeutic massage on a regular basis as part of their wellness plan.

Therapeutic Massage:

Whether this is your first massage or you are a seasoned receiver of bodywork, this work, provided by licensed massage & bodywork therapists on staff, covers a wide variety of needs.  For those seeking stress management, pain reduction, an increase in range of motion, or simply an escape from reality, your therapist will work according to your needs.

Therapeutic Prenatal Massage:

Relieves the aches and pains unique to pregnancy, allowing you to sleep better at night, sit and walk with minimal discomfort, and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for motherhood.  Work is done while lying on your side, with ample pillows for your comfort.


Postpartum Massage:

Guides your body back into realignment and releases the tension your body is holding from the birth.   Extensive neck and shoulder work brings relief from holding your newborn, while specific lower back techniques make it easier to move. In-home service is available during the first few weeks after the birth of your baby.




Metamorphic Massage For Women
(919) 602-5742

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