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It’s a tough fact…one in eight women develops breast cancer.  Because of this, it is important that women “take matters into their own hands” and get to know their breast tissue.  When we are told to do a monthly breast exam, we are often given a brochure with little information.

If we follow it, many of us don’t really understand what we are looking and feeling for.

Linda has been fortunate to study Massage & Breast Cancer with Eeris Kallil, which gave her a comprehensive overview of working with women facing the disease.  She has also studied with Effie Spurlin, one of the few educators in the country teaching massage for breast health to professionals and is fortunate to continue to have her as a mentor.

Breast Health Education Session

This initial session provides you with the tools to be proactive with your breast health.  In this session, you will learn how to perform a comprehensive breast exam, providing a good baseline of what your tissue feels like.  When performed regularly, changes in breast tissue can be found much earlier.

You’ll also learn about lymphatic drainage in breast tissue, how to perform massage on yourself to maintain or improve your breast health, and have the opportunity to experience a specially-designed medical cupping if you choose. Allow up to 90 minutes

Breast Health Maintenance

For those who would like to include a professional approach in their self-care routine.  These sessions include a discussion of any questions or concerns you may have, as well as massage and medical cupping.  Allow 60 minutes.

Help For The Nursing Mom

Are you experiencing a clogged milk duct, or concerned that one might be developing? Consider having a specialized massage to keep your breast healthy.  This session incorporates castor oil packs, manual massage, and medical cupping to help clear physical obstructions to a healthy milk flow.  If possible, please bring your breast pump to collect any milk that is expressed in the process.

Please note:  Linda will do everything she can to get nursing moms in as soon as possible for this service.  Same day appointments are often available for moms in need.  Please call to schedule.