Conception Support

There are many reasons a woman looking to have a child may seek out a massage for conception support. Those using assistive reproductive technology use it to support their chances of successful implantation.   Others are preparing to conceive and are working to become consciously aware in the process. Some women who are actively trying to conceive want the support of a trained therapist to open their body to the energy of conception.

As a Nurturing the Mother ®  Certified Fertility Massage Specialist, I follow a unique and effective massage protocol designed to enhance potential conception. The benefits of a fertility massage include the reduction of stress hormones, stimulation of the reproductive system, emotional balancing, and more.

The session begins with a relaxing castor oil pack  applied on the abdominal area to cleanse the digestive system and possibly reduce adhesions and cysts. Calming and centering cranial-sacral holds are then utilized, aiding in balancing and centering your energy, while visualization techniques guide you to tune in and open up the conception channel .  A specific reflexology protocol for fertility is followed, stimulating reproductive areas, endocrine glands and the digestive system.  Next, deep external pelvic work is performed to break up adhesions and increase blood flow to your organs. Shiatsu points are then stimulated to increase the energy (chi)  through the reproductive areas.  Specific aromatherapy is also used for optimal hormonal functioning.  This protocol is being used by many certified therapists with great success.

It is best not to receive this work when menstruating or possibly pregnant. Please discuss with your therapist the best timing for appointments. Allow up to two hours for initial appointment and 90 minutes for follow-up sessions.

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