Stress Management Tip – Change the Scenery

Although it is important to establish a routine in our daily lives, it is equally important to have outlets and change up the scenery once in a while.  Whether you are in the same office every day, or take the same route to work, things can become tedious and seemingly mundane.  Making a few changes here and there is good and keeps you from losing sight of the good things in life.  Here are a few you change the scenery in your daily life and improve your mood in the process.

Take a walk

Chances are, like many Americans you drive your car everywhere.  Our world is such a fast-paced place, we always feel the pressure of time upon us and feel the need to rush through everything.  However, it’s very good for us to slow down the pace and gain some perspective from time to time.  Infusing walking into your day is a great way to do this.  Get out during a lunch break and breather in the air.  Enjoy the weather, watch people as they go about their business.  Doing this can greatly help your outlook and reduce stress at the same time.

Go to a park

We spend so much time indoors that we all too often forget about enjoying parks, trails, and other areas available for public use.  Watching children play and seeing families together is quite inspiring and relaxing to watch and helps us to reconsider the things we place importance upon.

Take a long drive

Sometimes, just the feeling of taking a trip is the same as actually going out of town.  If you like driving, go explore some roads you’ve never been down.  Turn the music up, roll the windows down and spend some quality time just driving around.  Although this may not be very cost-effective considering gas prices, the feeling of driving down the open road is something many find relaxing and something many people rarely get the opportunity to do anymore.

Visit friends or family

Make a spontaneous visit and go see someone you really care about.  Often we get too busy to stay in touch with the people who really matter to us, so take some time to physically go visit someone.  Make plans or just drop in, depending upon the schedule of the person.  Visiting with people you have a special bond with can really help put things in perspective.

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