Stress Management Tip ~~ Take A “Not Sick” Day

When you start to feel overwhelmed with what is going on in your life, take a preventitive health day from work.  Call in, make your excuse, and then spend the rest of the day focused on you, not your work. 

Spend the day doing what you like best…whether it be sleeping, gardening, hiking, watching old movies and eating ice cream, talking with friends…whatever makes you feel good.  Even better…schedule an appointment for a massage!

In my previous work life, I held a position with a lot of responsibility.  When I was at work, I always had a long list of things that needed to get done. Sometimes, I would start to get stressed out with the amount of work that was piling up.  On those days, I would go to my supervisor and tell her I was overwhelmed with work, and that I was going home.  She understood, and would tell me to come back when I was ready.  I would walk home (about 4 miles…I usually rode the bus) and by the time I made it home, I would feel a bit better.  Then, I would usually spend the rest of the day in my flower garden.  I could usually go back to work the next day, refreshed and ready to attack the piles on my desk. (Sometimes I would be decadent and take a second day off as well.)  While this may seem daunting… taking time off means more work to do when you get back…your mindset is different, and it makes it all a lot easier.

These mental health days made it possible for me to be effective in my work. Give it a try.