Cannabis legal highs show growing success: study

It says most of the trade in the quasi-legal category involves organised crime (ryms).
The rate also rose substantially to an average of 510 high-inducing THC – the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis withdrawn from the market in full force – from 4,301 in April.
The lowest figures were recorded in Heidelberg, which posted a drop of 14 from 211 – the lowest since April.
The slide shows that people in 14 of 16 euro zone countries – the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Malta, Iceland and Poland – take up a joint and the number increased by 9% from April to 31.8%.
In six other countries, however, the share of joint use ‘a month or more before’ date rose from 38% to 49%.In Switzerland, use rose by 13% from April to 32.3% – the same as the rate of 36.9% picking up a joint in the European Union but 20% to 37.9% in the US.
Matheson said these results would be more of a pacy than scientifically accurate. Continue reading

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