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Prenatal Yoga Classes in Raleigh

Pregnancy is  a wonderful time, which can also be riddled with aches and pains.  Besides getting regular massage, it is a good idea to take part in a prenatal yoga class.

Prenatal yoga helps to strengthen uterine and pelvic muscles, improves circulation, and can aid digestion, while increasing the mother-to-be’s overall comfort.  The class consists of gentle postures, breathwork, and meditation.

I am often asked where folks can take prenatal classes.  I suggest Bliss Body Yoga.  Ellie teaches a weekday afternoon and a Saturday class.


Massage is Healthcare, Not a Luxury

Often when its time to tighten up purse strings, we look at trimming the luxury items from our budget….things that are fun, not really necessary, but that make us feel happy.  Activities such as movies at the theater,  eating out, and recreational shopping are three things that come to mind immediately when looking where to cut spending.  Others may look at their regular massage sessions and think that this is also a luxury item that can be tabled for the moment while balancing the checkbook.

Some believe that massage is something you do to pamper yourself while you are on vacation, or on your birthday or some other special occasion.  Each time you receive one, you always feel so good, and swear that you are going to schedule one more often.  But, the regular routine sets in again, and all of a sudden a year has gone by since your last massage.

Many people recognize that massage is not a luxury, but a necessity.  Receiving regular massage, whether once or twice a month,  or every other month,  helps to keep stress at a manageable level, and keep muscles from getting too tense and knotted.  Some believe that regular massage helps keep them healthy, and look at massage as a form of healthcare.

    When you feel good, it is much easier to face the things that come your way. 

It is important to recognize that your health is a necessity, not a luxury.  Studies have shown that massage can help reduce blood pressure and improve your immune system.  The stress-reducing factor alone helps improve sleep, balances out stress hormones, and improves overall energy levels. Your thinking is clearer and your moods are stable.   When you are taking care of yourself, you make a better parent, spouse, employee or employer.

 With all the ways you can benefit from receiving massage at regular intervals, there’s no way you can consider it anything but necessary!

Don’t feel like you can justify budgeting money for a massage?  One idea is to start a massage fund. Get a good old fashioned piggy-bank or a jar.  Put all your loose change in it on a daily basis. Throw in a dollar bill every few days.  Skip that cup of coffee, or rent a movie instead of going to the theater, and put the money in your massage bank instead.  In no time, you’ll have enough to pay for something that lasts a lot longer, and is better for you all around.

Remember, your health is the ultimate way to pamper yourself.

Body Scrubs

Our skin takes a lot of abuse, with exposure to the sun and wind, toxins in the air and the products we use, perhaps use of tanning beds, and improper water intake. Dry skin can make us feel years older than we are.  A Body Polish helps slough off dry, dead skin cells, and leaves your skin feeling softer, healthier, and much younger.  It also helps to improve circulation.

Remember—your skin is the largest organ of your body, and is the first defense system in staying healthy. Take care of yourself in every way possible.

Favorite Restaurant ~~ Zest Cafe and Home Art

I am not a huge restaurant person.  Being a vegetarian, and a darn good cook, I find very few restaurants  that meet my standards.  There is one such place near my office, Zest Cafe and Home Art, located in the shopping plaza at Six Forks and Strickland in Raleigh.  From the moment you arrive, it is a delightful experience.  The Cafe is marked by a fence in the shape of forks, knives, and spoons.  Their menu changes with the seasons, and there is always something delightful to choose from, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater. 

Their salads are delicious, and their Mediterranian “pizzesta” is an experience every mouth should have at least once in their life.  I can almost guarantee that you will want to go back.

And if you’re looking for something to add a little zest to your home for a special party, check out their little store…there are some truly unique items.

When Pigz Fly

A few miles north of my office on Six Forks Road in Raleigh,  a delighful new shop recently opened up, named When Pigz Fly.  They offer work created by local artists, on consignment.  Jewely, scuplture, pottery, watercolors, and more can be found in this eclectic little shop.  I am considering selling my hand-woven rayon chenille scarves there. 

You can’t miss the place…when heading North on Six Forks, it is a few miles past 540 on the left hand side.  The building is brightly painted, and there is a lovely little area at the back that looks like you would want to hang out there with a cup of tea and a good book.

If you are looking for a nice, unique gift, or want to treat yourself to something original, stop in.  You’ll be glad you did.